Background & CV

IMG_1329 2Alice Donlan is the Director of Research at the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Alice leads the research, evaluation, and assessment efforts at the TLTC, and collaborates with faculty and programs across campus to understand ways to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Alice’s work is informed by her educational psychology background and active program of research, which explores ways teachers, mentors, and peers support students to achieve their educational goals. She presents and publishes empirical research on the extent to which social support from youths’ network of relationships promote school engagement and academic achievement, particularly among youth experiencing stressful contexts. In her recent work, she has focused the ways college teaching can support student learning and achievement, and explored the ways faculty development centers can promote effective teaching.

In addition to her interests in education research and learning, Alice an accomplished instructor, and has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in human development, statistics, and research methodology.

Alice earned her Ph.D. in Human Development with a specialization in Educational Psychology and a certificate in Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation at the University of Maryland, and her B.A. in Psychology from the College of William & Mary. Before joining the TLTC, Alice was a Research Scientist at the Center for Promise at Boston University.

Donlan CV

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